December 16th, 2010

HP → Hermione smiles

Harry & Hermione: Since the beginning 'til the very end (2/7)

Here I am again. Now it's time for the Chamber of Secrets with our beloved Harry and Hermione.

I must to say that making this and seeing that you're enjoying as much as I do, makes me really happy ^^

This time, I want to dedicate my work to these three amazing persons who gave me the best early birthday gift: daniel_black , sky_hermione and perlita_negra. Thank you so much for everything, I will never be grateful enough. You make my life more beautiful. Love you so much <3

Okay, let's go!

+ Do not hotlink
+ Don't claim any of this work of your own
+ Do not repost it in any site without my permission
+ Comments are love
+ Enjoy

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